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Creating Opportunities for People Seeking
Mental Health, Recovery, and Wellness to
Exercise Power in Their Lives

Grassroots Empowerment Project (GEP), a state-wide non-profit organization that is controlled and directed by mental health consumers/survivors, exists to help people seeking mental health, recovery, and wellness exercise power in their lives.
We are funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, Optum Health, a variety of project grants and fee-for-service contracts, Community Shares of Wisconsin, and private donations.

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We believe....


  • Choice, dignity, respect and personal power are necessary for wellness
  • Each of us has the right to define recovery and wellness in our own way 
  • For many of us, healing and wellness includes recovery from substance abuse or addiction.
  • Treatment and services should be safe, healing and based on our strengths and wholeness
  • Wholeness encompasses all aspects of life relevant to the individual who is seeking recovery and wellness
  • Pain, isolation and trauma can be transformed into healing, connection and resilience
  • Peer support can inspire hope and provide powerful support to  people  on their individual pathways to recovery and wellness 
  • Each of us has the right to choose how to define our experience and reject labels and names imposed on us by others
  •  Our civil rights and human rights should not be threatened due to stigma, bias, distortion or social discrimination
  • Peer-led recovery and wellness organizations should lead in transforming the mental health system and challenging social discrimination
  • A strong Grassroots Empowerment Project facilitates the empowerment of people seeking healing, recovery, wellness to pursue the lives they want

GEP will...

  • Be an organization run by and for people with lived experience of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment, including people with needs that encompass substance abuse and addiction and those who self-identify as people with lived experience regardless of diagnosis or treatment  
  • Be guided by and give voice to people with lived experience
  • Increase the knowledge, skills and power of people to advocate for themselves and each other 
  • Advocate for people with lived experience in coalition with other organizations
  • Support and engage in peer-run and recovery-driven initiatives
  • Share our knowledge and experience in order to promote positive views of people with lived experience
  • Create and support opportunities for meaningful involvement and leadership in the advancement of recovery and wellness
  • Communicate and collaborate in ways that support consensus and positive change
  • Commit to being trauma-informed and carry out our mission in ways that prevent and promote healing of emotional trauma
  • Champion human rights and challenge stigmatization and social discrimination
  • Commit to the ongoing project of grassroots empowerment for people seeking recovery and wellness




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