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GEP is Hiring

Statewide Consumer Network Coordinator

For more information please click here to download the position announcement.

Resumes and cover letters are due by June 25, 2014, although we will continue to acccpet applications until the position is filled.







Creating Opportunities for People with Mental Illness to Exercise Power in Their Lives

Grassroots Empowerment Project (GEP), a state-wide non-profit organization that is controlled and directed by mental health consumers/survivors, exists to help people labeled with a mental illness exercise power in their lives. We are funded by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Service Administration, Optum Health, a variety of project grants and fee-for-service contracts, Community Shares of Wisconsin, and private donations.

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We believe....

• People with mental illness are valuable and entitled to respect and power as members of the community
• People with mental illness working with each other leads to empowerment and recovery
• A strong GEP facilitates the empowerment of people with mental illness
• Consumer-run organizations can be vehicles for system change by strengthening the voice and choice of people with mental illness
• People with mental illness can revolutionize the mental health system
• People with mental illness have the right to holistic and humane treatment/services, which includes choice, respect & dignity.

GEP will...

• Be an organization run by people with mental illness.
• Be guided by the views of people with mental illness statewide.
• Increase the knowledge and skills of people with mental illness to advocate for themselves and reach their desired potential.
• Advocate statewide for people with mental illness in coalition with other organizations.
• Be the leader in Wisconsin’s consumer movement.
• Operate with equal respect for all and according to principles of accountability and fairness.
• Have sufficient funds to meet our mission and implement our values.
• Assist people with mental illness in the establishment and running recovery-based non-profit organizations and services.
• Develop leadership of people with mental illness within the mental health system.
• Promote a positive image of people with mental illness.



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